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TEMA: SCES 2015 Autumn - Carrera 1 - 6h PORTUGAL

SCES 2015 Autumn - Carrera 1 - 6h PORTUGAL 2 años 5 meses antes #1

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SCES 2015 Autumn - Carrera 1 - Circuito de Estoril (Portugal) - Sábado 15 de Agosto - Carrera de 6 horas

Our first event on the new v2.0 Estoril Portugal track. Alex has edited it for 35 cars (the ISI version was released with 15 spots) and his mod includes the removal of the headlight requirement. Track will be available for practice in the next 2-3 days for teams to start practicing.

An open issue is the car addition bug in rF2 Build 982. Rather than to roll back to 946 right now, lets practice for Event 1 with Build 982. Which Build we run will be determined in the next several days, and hopefully that will be a repaired version that arrives before August 9, the new date of the rfmod release. We should use the existing cars in the current rfmod TestSet for now.

Once the revised Estoril is ready, I'll release it along with a pointer vmod (tiny rfmod file) so you will have access to the server.

Our skins deadline was Wednesday, 29 July for Event 1. I'm pushing that back a week to Wednesday, 5 August. Everyone who wants to see their car team skin at Portugal needs to get their files submitted or contact me for some editing assistance.

Procedure to submit files is here:

Server access will be available soon as the new track is posted. That will be in the next 2-3 days.

The new carset for Event 1: Estoril will be availble on Sunday, 9 August around 2300 GMT.

Event 1: Estoril Schedule

1) Release of modified rF2 Estoril track and vmod - Tuesday, 28 July (latest)
2) Server available for practice - Tuesday, 28 July (latest)
3) Car skins deadline - Wednesday, 5 August (latest)
4) Final rfmod for Event 1 - Sunday, 9 August around 2300 GMT
5) Qualifying day for Event 1 - Tuesday, 11 August 12:01 GMT to Wednesday, 12 August 11:59 GMT
6) Event 1: Estoril 6 hour race

Raceday Schedule

1) Practice: Server open until 1530 GMT (11:30 AM EDT)
2) Server Reboot: rF2 and Teamspeak3 servers rebooted at 1530 GMT to 1545 GMT
3) Warmup / Set Grid: 1545 GMT to 1600 GMT DO NOT LEAVE THE SERVER!
4) Race: 1600 GMT (6 hours)

Race Start Procedure

1) 60 second call-up
2) standing start
3) roll off the grid SLOWLY
4) get in single file with a 3 car separation
5) pole sitter should maintain 100 kph maximum
6) When a car passes start/finish, their race is on

DO NOT make contact with another car before the green or you will get a 60 second stop/go penalty
DO NOT jump the start before the start/finish line


rFactor2 Build: to be determined
Race Length: 6 hours
In-game race start time: 12 PM
Car setups: Open
Mandatory pit stops: No
Fuel Setting: Normal
Tire Wear Setting: Normal
Driving Aids:
- Auto Shift and Clutch
- Low Setting on Traction Control
- Low Setting on Anti-lock Brakes
Damage Multiplier: 50%
Flag Rules: Black only
Drivers do not need to come to a complete stop to ESC
All 3 virtual mirrors available and highly recommended
Unique Vehicle Selection: Off
Driving view: Open
Time Compression: None (1x)
Parc Ferme: None
Rejoin On (rejoin with the car in the same condition)

Race Monitoring

Teamspeak Race Channel monitoring mandatory by the active driver

Stay off the server unless you are driving, or getting ready for a driver swap

Race monitoring is available through:




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